CoSi Location & Alerting System (CLAS)


There is no such thing as the perfect senior emergency call system. Not even the 100% indoor location system that leaves nothing to be desired. But there are important criteria that must be fulfilled in order to come very close to this ideal.

From our point of view, such a system
extremely reliably in the long term....detect technical faults immediately on its own....and report them immediately to the responsible departments....and report incoming alarms to the responsible nursing staff even if central technical components fail ....and not just activate a fault light somewhere.

For this purpose, the forwarding of alarms to the control centre should be possible redundantly via technologically different data networks. If data transmission via one technology is disrupted, the system should independently use an available alternative technology until the disruption is remedied.

Even if the central unit of the emergency call system fails, it should be possible to display and process all alarms at least in the assigned nurses' room/ward.

The system should independently document faults that have occurred and make them available to a specialist for remote analysis.

To reduce costs, an emergency call system should be able to use already available data networks on site (provided that at least one redundant alarm technology is available).... and at the same time ensure the highest security standards against unauthorised access.

People in need of help should be able to trigger emergency calls both stationary and mobile. Mobile emergency call transmitters should operate for several years on one battery.... support manual emergency calls and automatic alarms in the event of a fall....min. be monitored for function every 30 contactlessly identifiable by caregivers via smartphone.... when used by persons with dementia, automatically generate runaway alarms when they leave the safe area.... be waterproof.... be ventilated for long-term wear on the skin.... be flexibly parameterisable for the desired requirements.... be able to transmit speech and sounds in an emergency.

If the persons in need of help are outside the radio range of their call system, they should still be able to make emergency calls via their handheld should be possible to locate their position....and the alarmed helpers should be able to talk to them by telephone.
The system should be able to locate people and objects clearly not only in the area but also at height....thereby the correct floor should always be determined, even in the vicinity of stairwells, ventilation shafts or lift systems.

If your wishes for an ideal emergency call solution largely coincide with our requirements, you should contact us for detailed information about our CLAS.

Admittedly, we have not yet achieved 100% of the goals we set ourselves, but we have achieved most of them....and with every day, we are getting a little closer to the ideal emergency call solution with CLAS.




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CoSi Location & Alerting System (CLAS)


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