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CLAS offers an emergency call solution optimised for use in schools, kindergartens and public administrations for amok and fire alarms.

The IP-dialler-amok is used as a wall-mounted device for alerting. It has separate emergency call buttons for amok and fire alarms. A triggered alarm is signalled visually and acoustically. The device is network-based and alarms digitally via LAN and is preferably supplied via PoE (alternatively via 24VDC).
For this application, CoSi electronics recommends a sufficiently dimensioned mains failure buffering of all modules required for external alarming via UPS.

To prevent false alarms, an alarm can only be triggered after prior identification of an authorised person. Identification takes place via RFID/NFC tags, which are briefly held on the front panel of the unit for this purpose. These tags are carried e.g. by the teachers on their key ring. Each tag is uniquely assigned to a teacher.

Depending on the desired type of use or the respective installation location, both buttons can be separately parameterised as permanently active, permanently inactive or only active after prior tag identification. All installed IP-dialler-amok are automatically monitored cyclically for function at short intervals.

By uniquely identifying the person who triggered the alarm and storing their mobile phone number in CLAS, possible cost-intensive false alarms can be largely prevented. The alarmed persons and rescue forces can communicate directly with the alarming persons by telephone without losing time. The exact cause of the alarm can be clarified in detail and, in the event of an emergency, the best way to proceed can be agreed upon.

A CLAS solution for amok and fire alarms in schools, authorities and kindergartens consists of the following modules:

  • CoSi Linux server with CLAS server software.
  • A LAN network with PoE supply on site
  • An IP-dialler-amok in each room and corridor where an alarm is to be possible
  • A selected, defined interface for alarm forwarding to responsible internal persons and external emergency services, optionally also via external alarm servers
  • Optional radio components for alternative radio alarming
  • Optional MESH gateway terminal for setting up redundant alarm routes
  • Optional radio-based fire detectors such as the FuFi-smoke-ISM or the FuFi-thermo-ISM as a supplement to a fire alarm syste
  • Optional extension of the IP-dialler-amok with a SeCom interface. Via this, wired triggering components can also be used for alarming.


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