The CareMatCY-ISM is a yellow pressure-sensitive sensor mat. It is used in old people's and nursing homes as well as in hospitals and similar facilities.

It is placed directly in front of the nursing bed. As soon as the person in need of care leaves the bed and steps on the mat, an alarm is sent wirelessly to the nursing staff via the integrated ISM MHz radio transmitter.

In care facilities, the alarm is sent via SR-ISM-WLAN gateways to the CLAS alarm server.
The CareMatCY-ISM has a semicircular kidney shape with the dimensions 1100x700x9mm. The non-slip mat surface has a dimpled structure that guarantees a secure grip and easy and hygienic cleaning. The mat is cleaned with conventional cleaning agents and disinfectants and is resistant to body fluids. The flat bevelled side edges prevent tripping over the mat edge when walking.


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